Another way to rotate the sprite is to use the "point in direction" block.
The units are degrees, as on a compass, with 0 facing "north" and 180 facing "south" etc.
There are two options: either select a direction from the block's drop-down menu, or type in a number.

A dinosaur sprite.

The stage has a backdrop with red spots.
Scratch starter project: Point
Programming area:

A "point in direction" block

A "move" block

What to do:

Click on the blocks to move the dinosaur sprite around the screen, visiting all the red spots.

Change the numbers in the blocks as necessary.
Scratch starter project: Point 2

A dinosaur sprite

A red spot sprite
Programming area:

"Point in direction" and "move" blocks

What to do:

Drag the red spot sprite to somewhere on the stage.

Alter the "point in direction" and "move" numbers to guide the dinosaur sprite to the "red spot" sprite.

What to do next:

Join the blocks.
Drag the red spot sprite to a new place on the stage.
Type numbers for both blocks.
Clicking on the blocks will make the dinosaur sprite turn and move in quick succession.
A starter project for exploring "point" block
A second starter project for exploring "point" block