These blocks add speech and thought bubbles to sprites.
There is no sound but they can bring the sprites to life.
You can use them to make two sprites have a conversation.

For "say" and "think" there are two options:
(1) Make the speech or thought last forever (or until another programming block is activated)
(2) Make the speech or thought last for a certain number of seconds.

Two sprites on a blank backdrop
Scratch starter project: Say and think
Programming area:

Each sprite has their own set of programming blocks.

They have the "say" and "think" blocks with new text typed into the windows.

What to do:

Select a sprite (the boy or the girl) by clicking on the image under the stage area.

Click on the programming blocks to see what happens.

What to do next:

Change the text in the block windows.
Try adding extra sprites and add "say" and "think" blocks.
A starter project for exploring "say" and "think" blocks