These two blocks turn the sprite either clockwise
or anti-clockwise.
The units of turn are degrees, so the number in the block can range from 0 (no turn) to 360 (a complete turn, which on screen will seem to be no turn).
Numbers greater than 360 can be added, but they will make the sprite turn more than a complete turn.
Negative numbers will make clockwise turns anti-clockwise ... and anti-clockwise turns clockwise!

A dinosaur sprite

The stage has a backdrop with red spots.
Scratch starter project: Turn
Programming area:

A clockwise turn block and an anti-clockwise turn blue block both set to 15 degrees.

Also two move blocks.

What to do:

Click on the blocks to move the dinosaur sprite about the screen, visiting all the red spots.

What to do next:

Alter the numbers in the blocks to see how it affects the sprite's movement.
A starter project for exploring "turn" blocks